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domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

UFO KAISER SHORT Review from Joe D., Longwood, Florida, USA -
UFO KAISER CORTO Revisión de Joe D., Longwood, Florida, EE.UU.

Longwood, Florida, USA - October 28, 2013

I absolutely love the handle.  I ordered it to compliment my Ikon Slant and it does so perfectly.  The knurling is not aggressive like the Weber handle, but it is every bit as sure in my hands as the Weber.  The finish matches both my Slant and Weber heads perfectly.  It turns the razor from a simple tool into a work of art.  I sometimes just handle it when I am in the bathroom because it is so lovely. I am simply amazed how perfect it is.

Joe D., Longwood, Florida, USA - October 28, 2013

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lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

Custom UFO Common Bar, Acknowledgements, from Steven, East London, UK -
Custom UFO Common Bar, Nota de agradecimiento, de Steven, Londres Este, Reino Unido

East London, UK - July 20, 2013

Dear Rafael and Juan,

Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful handles. Photos are enclosed and I just wish I was a good enough photographer to do them justice.

Just to recap I wrote to ask if you could craft a handle that was reminiscent of the classic Gillette Common Bar handle. I love the looks of that handle, which I have on my Gillette "New" but find it too light and felt a heavier handle would improve the shave. That said I wanted a handle reminiscent of the common bar in looks as I felt it suited the new head. I was very pleased to learn that Rafael was interested in taking up the challenge of producing a modern steel take on the original gillette handle

Rafael, a busy man always then spent much time and effort working in producing a tribute to a common bar producing three prototypes. The first was scrapped and I was asked to pick between the second and third. I asked for the third and then asked if I could take the second too as the handles were just stunning. The knurling is beyond comparison; grippy enough to do the job but shallow enough to look very classy indeed.

I have used prototype three and it proved my theory to be totally correct. It elevated that shave I get from my long comb head to new heights.  I have not yet used prototype 2 but imagine I will get similar results. I am considering pairing that with a tech head but first I will try it with an Edwin Jagger head.

Photos are attached as I said earlier. Proto 3 has the new head and proto 2 has the EJ head.

I would just like to thank Rafael for his craftsmanship, Juan for his helpfulness and both of them for being such gentlemen.

Best wishes,
Steven, East London, UK

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UFO KAISER Review from Chris C., Hertfordshire, England -
UFO KAISER Revisión de Chris C., Hertfordshire, Inglaterra

Hertfordshire, England - July 21, 2013

Having been shaving with a safety razor for only a short time i have purchased three razors, an EJ DE89, Gillette NEW & Gillette Tech. One thing i had noticed was that although i got great shaves from all three i preferred the heavier and longer handle of the DE89 and when i used that handle on the NEW it made for a more comfortable shave.

Fast forward a month or two and i spotted a thread on Badger & Blade entitled "UFO sightings" curiosity piqued i opened the thread and was excited to see photos of some amazing custom razor handles. Well i just had to order one!

Ordering was a very simple and quick process due to the professional nature of Juan, even though there was a language barrier (Juan's English is far  superior to my Spanish!) the communication was timely and easily understood.

Once Rafael had completed my handle i paid via PayPal and he posted the following day.

On receiving the handle i was amazed, in photos Rafael's work looks amazing but to hold such a finely crafted piece of work is a privilege.

So far i have used it with my DE89 and NEW with excellent results, it makes what are to me great razors even better, the quality of the knurling means it is secure in the hand, the length suits me perfectly and the weight allows me to shave without exerting any additional pressure.

It fulfills its simple role superbly while adding a sense of old fashioned elegance and charm and has increased the pleasure i get from my shaves.

Included photos show kaiser handle with gillette NEW head on left , EJ DE89 middle & Gillette Tech right

Thank you Rafael & Juan,
Chris C., Hertfordshire, England - July 21, 2013

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domingo, 14 de julio de 2013

UFO KAISER SHORT Review from Greg E., New York, USA -
UFO KAISER CORTO Revisión de Greg E., Nueva York, EE.UU.

New York, USA - July 5, 2013

My UFO Kaiser Short handle is simply the best bulldog style handle I have used.  I have tried pretty much every handle out there and the UFO has the best feel, balance and is visually stunning.  I have used it on many different heads and plan on purchasing more in the future.

If you are considering purchasing one of these handles please do so with confidence.  The constant communication and the service provided by Rafael and Juan was second to none.  These handles are heirlooms and you will be very happy with your purchase.  I've included a picture below.

Thank you,
Greg E., New York, USA - July 5, 2013

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sábado, 18 de mayo de 2013

Acknowledgements, from Artie K., New Jersey, USA -
Nota de agradecimiento, de Artie K., New Jersey, EE.UU.

New Jersey, USA - May 13, 2013

Raphael and Juan,

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful  handles I received recently. I also wanted to wait a while before I left my comments so that I could use them and be able to comment on how they shaved when matched with various razor heads and blades. All I can say is, Wow!

The extra heft and feel matched well with several of the razor heads I have and the blades I use never felt better. The extra dimension of matching these handles with various razor heads and  blades is a level of fine tuning my shave that adds significantly to my wet shave experience and is why I enjoy this pursuit of pleasure.

Thank you again and I look forward to getting the Collibri when it is available.

New Jersey, USA

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Acknowledgements, from Clay O., Alabama, USA -
Nota de agradecimiento, de Clay O., Alabama, EE.UU.

Alabama, USA - May 13, 2013

Rafael made an amazing effort for me.  With only a few weeks until my wedding he was able to make and ship nine beautiful and unique handles to me for groomsmen gifts.  The handles range in style and material are are truly a sight to behold.  I chose the GOLIATH XL in aluminum bronze for myself, and although new to wet shaving, have had great results with an Edwin Jagger DS head.

Each piece is so amazing that it was very difficult to choose one for myself (I will definitely be ordering more).  I can certainly see how Rafael has difficulty letting go of these master pieces after all the love he puts into each one.  The aristocratic curling is  fantastic, but I really also like the TORNADO with the barber pole design - it's extremely classy.

Dealing with Juan and Rafael was an unforgettable experience as well.  The customer service they provide is unlike any you will experience elsewhere.  In today's world of frustrating encounters - this was a breath of fresh air.  I commend UFO on a job well done and recommend them with the highest marks to anyone who wants to use a work of art as their razor handle at an unbeatable value.

This will help make my wedding even more special and I know my groomsmen will enjoy this gift for years to come.

Clay O.
Alabama, USA

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Acknowledgements, from Alex W., Bristol, United Kingdom -
Nota de agradecimiento, de Alex W., Bristol, Reino Unido

Bristol, United Kingdom - April 24, 2013

Just got this one today!

Wow! I was expecting a high quality offering from you guys but this handle is insanely good. I had very high expectations but this handle is far beyond even those. I see people mention shaving stuff being a work of art all the time but this handle is TRULY a work of art. The detail and skill that have gone in to this handle is unlike anything I've seen before.

Many thanks to you both for your time, passion and incredible skill.
All the best

Alex W.
Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol, United Kingdom - April 27, 2013

Thank you Rafael

This handle has already bound its self with my soul!. I've only got one razor and I doubt I will buy any more handles. I'd happily just use this stunning piece for the rest of my life. Its that good! I will of course be recommending you to everyone interested in wet shaving. I see a lot of hand crafted products in a load of different areas and have a very critical eye. As someone who is a perfectionist to the point of obsession I can recognise the decent work from the utterly stunning and your work is most certainly utterly stunning. I can see you've gone far beyond what others would deem superb, to the dizzy heights of master craftsman through passion and attention to detail. I personally think you could charge more for your handles as the skill involved isnt reflected in the price at the moment in my opinion.

Hugs to you too!

Alex W.
Bristol, United Kingdom

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viernes, 12 de abril de 2013

Acknowledgements, from Claudio P., Brasilia - Distrito Federal, Brazil -
Nota de agradecimiento, de Claudio P., Brasilia - Distrito Federal, Brasil

Brasilia - Distrito Federal, Brazil - April 5, 2013

Dear Friends Rafael and Juan,

I did my first shave with my UFO Goliath Handle. It's simply marvelous! I used a R41 Open Comb Head and I had an excellent shave...

This handle is a master piece...the balance with the razor head is fantastic!

My thanks for all customer service and contact during the process of preparation of the hande. It was all excellent.

I send to you my first pics!

A hug,

Brasilia - Distrito Federal, Brazil


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domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

Disponible rosca para Fatip -
Available Fatip thread

Hola amigos.

Me complace anunciar que desde ahora está disponible como opción para todos mis mangos la rosca especial para cabezales Fatip. Esta es una medida no estándar de rosca.

Debéis saber que un mango roscado de esta manera sólo podrá ser utilizado en cabezales Fatip y no se podrá utilizar en otros cabezales que utilizan la rosca estándar M5x0,8 u otros Gillette vintage. Pero el ajuste en Fatip será perfecto, con la tolerancia adecuada, no en exceso, y asegurará la larga vida de la rosca del cabezal.

El precio de esta opción es de 5 EUR a añadir al precio del mango.

English text 
Hello friends.

I am pleased to announce that it is now available as an option for all my handles the special thread for Fatip razor heads. This is a non standard thread.

You must know that a handle theaded this way only will fit Fatip heads and it can not be used on other heads that use standard thread M5x0.8 or other vintage Gillette razor heads. But Fatip adjustment will be perfect, with appropriate tolerance, not to excess, and it will ensure the long life of the razor thread.

The price of this option is 5 EUR to add to the price of the handle.


UFO KAISER TRICOLOR Review from James S., Tennessee, USA -
UFO KAISER TRICOLOR Revisión de James S., Tennessee, USA.

Tennessee, USA - March 30, 2013

Rafael has truly created a one-of-a-kind treat for me. This project started awhile back, but I was always treated with friendly, and respectful updates on the progress of my custom handle.

The handle is unique in that Rafael found a way to create the piece as I wanted- there are 3 knobs (+ a bonus knob). The configurations possible are no knobs, 1 - 2 - or all 3 at once!
Everytime I hold the handle, I am reminded how versatile and beautiful this art-piece is for me.

The handle knurling is spot on, and the threading works well for my FaTip Grande head, my EJ head, my Merkur 1904 OC head, my iKON S3S head, my Weber ARC head, and my modified-post-size Cadet OC head.

The functionality of the knobs makes balancing the handle to my different shaving tastes very easy. The knurling is tasteful and grips well, but doesn't feel like a prickly-brass-bristle brush against the fingers, and it is easy on towels when wiping the handle dry!

To top it all, the handle is beautiful to behold!
Enjoy the pics!

Blessings and Thank You Rafael!
Your Friend,

James S., Tennessee, USA - March 30, 2013

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Acknowledgements, from Antoon H.K., Rotterdam, The Netherlands -
Nota de agradecimiento, de Antoon H.K., Rotterdam, Holanda

Rotterdam, The Netherlands. - March 19, 2013

Hello Juan,

This morning about 12.00 h. I received  the Goliath handle. Very fast in 5 days.
A real beautifull piece of art made by Rafael, he is a real artist.

I attached it to a EJ 89 razorhead, it looks gorgeous. Tomorrow morning I am going to use it for the first time. I think it performs as it looks.

Give my complements to Rafael for his artisans work, I am very happy with it. And you for your coöperation, it was nice to work with you

Best regards,

Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


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domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013

UFO GOLIATH XL Review from Claus H.S., Copenhagen, Denmark -
UFO GOLIATH XL Revisión de Claus H.S., Copenague, Dinamarca.

Copenhagen, Denmark - March 15, 2013

Hola Amigos, Rafael & Juan :-)

I would like to spend 15 minutes of my time to post a review of the 3 custom made Goliath XL handles I received 4 days ago.

I have now shaved with each one, and have admired the craftsman work done by the Master Rafael. These handles are truly without exaggerating WORKS OF ART !

You can feel and see it, the handles are works of art. I have not seen anything like this in my life and I read all the major shaving forums in the world. UFO handles simply are spectacular and stunning pieces - and you feel the dedication and heart behind the handles.

So how do they shave ?

They perform fantastic, provided you install the PROPER DE head in them, the handles will gift you with a splendid, close & smooth shave.

I bought 3 custom made Goliath handles. One in stainless steel, one in brass and one in red bronze. Custom length was 95 mm.

I installed a matte Ikon OSS head in the Goliath Red Broze. This head is a very mild head, and the 139 gram heavy handle gave me that extra aggression needed to provide for a close, excellent and smooth shave.

I installed a matte black Goodfella Open Comb in the Goliath Brass. This head is very mid for being an Open Comb head. The heft of the Goliath Brass handle made sure the Goodfella head performed to its max potential. I got a great shave.

I installed a Mühle R41 very aggressive head in the Goliath Stainless Steel handle. The shave as expected - very aggressive, yet quite smooth and only got one small nick on the chin. I felt the Goliath handle really controlled the power of the R41 head very well, and I got a fantastic 2 pass close shave as a result.

I have now ordered 3 new custom handles from Juan & Rafael - 95 mm Kaisers in Red Bronze, Golden brass and 316 SS. The UFO Goliath handles impressed me that much !

I will quote Teiste, admin on The ShaveNook - "The UFO handles are the best razor handles ever made". 10/10 rating from me.

Here are some photos I took:

Claus H.S., Copenhagen, Denmark - March 15, 2013

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sábado, 9 de febrero de 2013

Acknowledgements, from Ercan C., Turkey - Nota de agradecimiento, de Ercan C., Turquía

Turkey - February 8, 2013

Hi Juan,

After my order it takes 15 days for production and only 5 days for delivery to Turkey so its quite great score for this beautiful handle.
I'm adding few pictures of Goliath with R41-2010 open comb head. I just tired the Goliath with this one and EJ head.

Firstly I have to say that Goliath weight improved my shaving quality. The Grip and knurling is very great and smooth so  nicely prevent slippery once I'm shaving.

Very hard to believe it's made by hand. It is really master piece so congrats Rafael, you can't find any faulty with this one and I'm sure every wet shaver like it so much. All details arranged very carefully.

It is the most comfortable handle that I used to shave until today. Its 85mm long, 15mm diameter, and 103 gr so very nicely manuverable in my hand. I'm really curious to know how it will work with other heads soon I will share them as well.

Finally I'm really advice this handle to all wet shaver. Everyone should have some and I'm sure will love them so much.

Thanks so much for all to you and to Rafael as well.

Greatings from Turkey.


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domingo, 3 de febrero de 2013



(EN VENTA - ON SALE) 45 EUR + Envío/Shipping

Acero inoxidable 316L. 85 mm de largo. 15/15 mm calibre. 103 gr de peso.
Bronce Rojo. 85 mm de largo. 15/15 mm calibre. 115 gr de peso.
Latón. 85 mm de largo. 15/15 mm calibre. 109 gr de peso.
La rosca es M5x0,8. Los cabezales Gillette ajustan bien, incluyendo el cabezal NEW. El cuello finaliza a 8,5 mm para ajustar perfectamente.
Este mango tiene menos agarre, pero más brillo. Pulido a espejo. Con mucha clase.
Serie abierta sin numerar. Modelo repetible a demanda.

English text 
316L Stainless Steel. 85 mm long. 15/15 mm caliber. 103 gr weight.
Red Bronze. 85 mm long. 15/15 mm caliber. 115 gr weight.
Brass. 85 mm long. 15/15 mm caliber. 109 gr weight.
Thread is M5x0.8. Gillette heads fit well, including the NEW head. The neck ends to 8.5 mm to fit perfectly.
This handle has less grip but more gloss. Mirror polished. Very classy.
Unnumbered Open Series. Repeatable Model on demand.


(EN VENTA - ON SALE) 50 EUR + Envío/Shipping

Acero inoxidable 316L. 100 mm de largo. 15/15 mm calibre. 123 gr de peso.
Bronce Rojo. 100 mm de largo. 15/15 mm calibre. 140 gr de peso.
Latón. 100 mm de largo. 15/15 mm calibre. 130 gr de peso.
La rosca es M5x0,8. Los cabezales Gillette ajustan bien, incluyendo el cabezal NEW. El cuello finaliza a 8,5 mm para ajustar perfectamente.
Este mango tiene menos agarre, pero más brillo. Pulido a espejo. Con mucha clase.
Serie abierta sin numerar. Modelo repetible a demanda.

English text 
316L Stainless Steel. 100 mm long. 15/15 mm caliber. 123 gr weight.
Red Bronze. 100 mm long. 15/15 mm caliber. 140 gr weight.
Brass. 100 mm long. 15/15 mm caliber. 130 gr weight.
Thread is M5x0.8. Gillette heads fit well, including the NEW head. The neck ends to 8.5 mm to fit perfectly.
This handle has less grip but more gloss. Mirror polished. Very classy.
Unnumbered Open Series. Repeatable Model on demand.

  • Aunque en algunas fotografías se puedan ver los mangos montados en diferentes cabezales, es sólo a efectos de ilustración. Los cabezales no están a la venta ni se incluyen en los precios. Sólo los mangos.
  • En los precios no se incluyen los gastos de envío y manipulación, que dependerán de la modalidad y el lugar de destino.
  • Si encargas varios mangos, ahorrarás en gastos de envío. 
  • Los mangos están mecanizados a mano en un torno paralelo. Aunque se informan los pesos y medidas, es posible que haya pequeñas diferencias de décimas en cada unidad. Es lo que tiene la artesanía. No hay dos piezas exactamente iguales.
NOTES: English text 
  • Although in some photographs the handles can be viewed mounted in different heads, this is for illustration purposes only. The heads are not for sale nor included in prices. Only the handles.
  • Prices do not include shipping and handling, which depend on the mode and destination.
  • If you are ordering several handles, you'll save on shipping costs. 
  • The handles are hand machined on a lathe. Although reported weights and measures, it is possible small differences of tenths in each unit. Is it about the craft. No two pieces are exactly alike.

domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2012

Feliz Navidad - Merry Christmas
Joyeux Noël - Buon Natale

Apreciados amigos.

Gracias por vuestro apoyo en este año 2012. Gracias por vuestra confianza. Gracias por estar ahí.
Quiero desearos Salud, Paz y Amor. Encontrad la felicidad. Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año 2013.

Dear friends.

Thank you for your support in this year 2012. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for being there.
I wish you health, peace and love. Find happiness! Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2013.

Chers amis.

Merci pour votre soutien en cette année 2012. Je vous remercie de votre confiance. Merci d'être là.
Je vous souhaite la santé, la paix et l'amour. Trouver le bonheur! Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année 2013.

Cari amici.

Grazie per il vostro sostegno in questo anno 2012. Grazie per la vostra fiducia. Grazie per essere qui.
Vi auguro salute, pace e amore. Trovare la felicità! Buon Natale e Felice Anno 2013.


jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012

UFO TiTANs están enviados -
UFO TiTANs are shipped

Hola amigos. Sólo decir que hace un par de días que los UFO TiTANs fueron enviados por correo.

Hello friends. Just to say that a couple days ago the UFO TiTANs were shipped.

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

UFO TiTAN ha nacido - UFO TiTAN has born
1er lote VENDIDO - 1st batch SOLD OUT

English text below

Hola amigos, me complace presentaros el primer prototipo de


No estoy seguro de si es el primer mango de maquinilla clásica fabricado en Titanio, pero lo que sí puedo asegurar es que es el primer mango UFO Razor Handles fabricado en este metal.

Ya en mis inicios con el U1, pensé en utilizar el Titanio para realizar un mango. En Abril de 2012 se empezó a hablar de ello en el foro español y en Julio de 2012 hice la compra de material para 4 o 5 mangos. Se trataba entonces de un proyecto personal junto con dos amigos españoles, y yo lo iba dejando para cuando tuviera tiempo libre. En Julio y en Agosto de 2012 puse en conocimiento de este proyecto a dos amigos más. Uno de Nueva York y otro de Australia. Desde entonces ellos conocen el proyecto y el nombre asignado al mismo, que como no podía ser de otra manera es UFO TiTAN.

Aleación utilizada
He elegido la aleación alfa-beta de Titanio Grado 5, también conocida como Ti6Al4V, Ti-6Al-4V o simplemente Ti 6-4. Es la aleación de Titanio más utilizada, sobre todo, en el campo de la aeronáutica, marina, generación de energía, biomedicina o estomatología. Es una excelente combinación de dureza y resistencia a la corrosión, y con alta biocompatibilidad. Es el caballo de batalla de la industria del Titanio.

Tiene una composición química del 6% de aluminio, 4% de vanadio, 0,25% (máximo) de hierro, 0,2% (máximo) de oxígeno, y el resto es Titanio. Es significativamente más dura que el Titanio puro comercial, y manteniendo casi todas las propiedades del mismo. En cuanto a la densidad y el peso, es aproximadamente un 45% más ligero que el acero inoxidable 316L, y un 60% más pesado que el aluminio de grado aeronáutico.

El mecanizado es más complejo y costoso, puesto que hay que utilizar un refrigerante adecuado porque es mal conductor térmico y difícil de refrigerar. Además produce un montón de herramientas con el filo de corte deteriorado  a consecuencia de las altas temperaturas en la zona de corte. El moletado es más difícil debido a la alta dureza, pero sin embargo produce un patrón muy nítido y profundo, tanto o más bello que el acero. El pulido es muy costoso también, y alcanzar un pulido a espejo es difícil. El tono de color cambia a las pocas horas del azulado a un tono marrón metálico que combina muy bien con el niquelado de los cabezales.

El mango
Aleación de Titanio de Grado 5 Ti6Al4V. 85 mm de largo. 15/15 mm calibre. 57 gr de peso.
La rosca es M5x0,8. Los cabezales Gillette ajustan bien, incluyendo el cabezal NEW. El cuello finaliza a 8,5 mm para ajustar perfectamente.

He utilizado mi moleteado UFO aristocrat, que en este material queda nítido y profundo. Es un mango con mucho agarre. Es ideal para aquellos a los que les gusta el calibre 15 mm pero con un peso contenido. En acero, un mango de estas características pesa 103 gr, y en Titanio, un 45% menos, 57 gr.

Debido al alto costo de este material y la compra mínima que debo realizar, si estáis interesados en poseer un mango tan exclusivo como éste, con mi diseño y mi moletado, podéis enviarme vuestra solicitud a, y estudiaré la posibilidad de realizar una pequeña serie para los interesados a un precio lo más ajustado posible, pero el precio de este mango superará el doble del precio de un mango normal de acero, seguro.

También sería posible realizar algún mango de calibre 18/18 mm, e incluso de mayor longitud, que teniendo en cuenta el peso de este material, podría resultar en un peso bastante interesante.

Gracias por todo vuestro apoyo, amigos. Sois gente maravillosa. Estoy agradecido a todos.

Ver abajo.
English text

Hello friends, I am pleased to introduce the first prototype of


Not sure if it is the first safety razor handle made of Titanium, but what I can say is that it is the first UFO Razor Handles handle is made of this metal.

Back in my early days with the U1, I thought about using Titanium for a handle. In April 2012 there was talk of it in the spanish forum and in July 2012 I made the purchase of material for 4 or 5 handles. Then, it was a personal project along with two Spanish friends, and I was leaving it for when I had free time. In July and August of 2012 I informed of this project to two friends more. One from New York and one from Australia. Since then, they know the project and the name assigned to it, how could it be otherwise is UFO TiTAN.

Alloy used
I have chosen the alpha-beta alloy grade 5 Titanium, also known as Ti6Al4V, Ti-6Al-4V or simply Ti 6-4. This Titanium alloy is the most widely used, especially in the field of aeronautics, marine, power generation, biomedicine or dentistry. It is an excellent combination of hardness and corrosion resistance, and high biocompatibility. It is the workhorse of the Titanium industry.

It has a chemical composition of 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium, 0.25% (maximum) of iron, 0.2% (maximum) of oxygen and the remainder is Titanium. It is significantly harder than commercially pure Titanium, and maintaining almost all properties. As the density and weight, is approximately 45% lighter than 316L stainless steel, and 60% heavier than aircraft grade aluminum.

The machining process is more complex and expensive, because I have to use a suitable coolant because it is a poor conductor of heat and hard to cool. It also produces a lot of tools with cutting edge deteriorated as a result of the high temperatures in the cutting zone. Knurling is more difficult due to the high hardness, yet produces a very sharp and deep pattern, even more beautiful than steel. Polishing is very expensive too, and achieve a mirror polished finish is difficult. The color tone changes within hours from the bluish color to a metallic brown tone that pairs very well with the nickel plated heads.

The handle
Titanium Grade 5 Alloy Ti6Al4V. 85 mm long. 15/15 mm caliber. 57 g. weight
Thread is M5x0.8. Gillette heads fit well, including the NEW head. The neck ends to 8.5 mm to fit perfectly.

I used my UFO aristocrat knurling, that in this material is clear and deep. This handle is plenty of grip. It is ideal for those who like the 15 mm caliber, but with a light weight. In steel, a handle like this weighs 103 g, and in Titanium, 45% less, 57 gr.

Due to the high cost of this material and minimum purchase that I should make, if you are interested in owning a handle as unique as this, with my design and my knurling, you can send your request to, and I will study the possibility of making a small series for stakeholders to a price as close as possible, but the price of this handle will exceed twice the price of a normal steel handle, sure.

It would also be possible to make a handle of 18/18 mm caliber, and even greater length, taking into account the weight of this material, it may result in a quite interesting weight.

Thanks for all your support, folks. You are wonderful people. I am grateful to everybody.


domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Acknowledgements, from George C., Thamesmead, London, United Kingdom -
Nota de agradecimiento, de George C., Thamesmead, London, United Kingdom

Thamesmead, London, United Kingdom - September 30, 2012

Dear Juan,

I am writing to inform you that I received my two Kaiser safety razor handles yesterday morning, Saturday, 29 September 2012. I must say, they do look fantastic! Please thank Rafael on my behalf.

Packaging & Security:
Very well packed by Rafael, I am especially pleased with the plastic boxes/containers that were used to protect the handles in transit. Furthermore, I think that it is great that you provide a registered mail service for peace of mind.

First Impressions:
When I unwrapped my parcel, I felt really impressed by Rafael's craftsmanship. The knurling on my handles is deep and very distinctive, a lovely pattern. The polishing of the smooth areas of the handle is done to a mirror like finish. The dimensions & weight are just right for my requirements (feels nice and secure in my hand). These are beautiful handles that I hope to treasure for many years to come.

Service and Communications:
Juan, I must say that it is pleasure to do business with Rafael and yourself. You have kept me informed at each stage, and replied promptly to my enquiries. I only wish that my Spanish was as good as your English. I will continue to watch the prototype section of the website for new handle designs.

I have not shaved with either of my handles as yet. However, I have married one to a Edwin Jagger DE89 2-piece head (121g total) and the other to a Merkur 2-piece head (117g total). Both look great, and I will write again with my findings.

Finally, I must confess, that these are not my first 'after market' handles. I therefore know excellent quality when I see it, and just to reiterate, Rafael's work is masterful.

... This is a testament to the excellent work and fine service you offer.

I do hope that I can support UFO Safety Razor Handles with more purchases in the near future.

Keep-up the good work,

Yours sincerely & UFO proud owner,

George C.

Pendiente traducción al Español. Spanish translation pending.

viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012


Hola amigos.

Quiero presentaros dos mangos que hice para un amigo australiano. Fue un pedido especial de mangos de grandes dimensiones.
Ya conocéis el UFO ZEUS: Acero inoxidable 316L. 85 mm de largo. 20/20 mm calibre. 166 gr de peso.
Lo podéis ver aquí
Este amigo australiano es un valiente, y necesitaba unos mangos aún mayores, así que me puse manos a la obra y le fabriqué...
English text 
Hello friends.

I want to introduce two handles I made for an Australian friend. It was a special order for large handles.
You know the UFO ZEUS: 316L stainless steel. 85 mm long. 20/20 mm caliber. Weight 166 g.
You can take a look here
This is a brave Australian friend, and needed some handles even higher, so I started to work and I made...

El Padre de todos los Mangos - The Father all Handles

Acero inoxidable 316L. 100 mm de largo. 20/20 mm calibre. 208 gr de peso.
316L Stainless Steel. 100 mm long. 20/20 mm caliber. 208 gr weight.


Acero inoxidable 316L. 125 mm de largo. 20/20 mm calibre. 273 gr de peso.
316L Stainless Steel. 125 mm long. 20/20 mm caliber. 273 gr weight.


 Oh, echad un vistazo al acabado espejo!
Oh, take a look at mirror finish!