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domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

Acknowledgements, from Brian K. Fairfield, Maine, USA. -
Nota de agradecimiento, de Brian K. Fairfield, Maine, EE.UU.

Fairfield, Maine, USA. - July 14, 2012

Hi Rafael (and Juan),

What a pleasure it was doing business with you!

The service was excellent all the way from the inquiry I had about a handle that I didn't see on your site but wanted, to the shipping and delivery. The execution of the handle is flawless, it's a thing of beauty to anyone who appreciates fine gear.

I inquired about a smaller handle that I wanted and you had exactly what I wanted in stock and ready to ship. It went out the next day, but no one controls the postal system, so I was in their hands until delivery, both in Spain and the US. It took time, but it was worth the wait.

When I opened the package I couldn't help but think the handle was perfect. The "Gillette Aristocrat" knurling has enough grip without being harsh. Did I mention it's gorgeous? If not I should have. I have no idea how you polish the non-knurled areas to that mirror finish but it's got to take time to polish to that degree. Good attention to detail throughout. Another nice touch is the Certificate of Authenticity to add provenence. To see that my handle was a prototype just makes it even more special for me.

I bought the handle specifically to put on a Muhle R41. I love the Muhle R41razor head, but the handle and I were just living together without any real love being shown by either of us for the other. It was just too long and too slick. This handle looks great on that head, and feels great too. Finally I have a handle worthy of the R41 head. The Stainless will last through my lifetime, and while I have no idea how many liftimes it will last, I know that I'll never wear it out. A dozen lifetimes from now it'll still be going strong on whatever shave head it's on at the time, I have no doubt of that. That's precisely what I wanted. I really appreciate what went into making it.

I'll attach some pictures.

Now I'll need to get a gold plated razor so that I can get one in bronze.

Thank you my friends, Rafael and Juan,

Brian K.

Oh, just for those folks who want specifications... The razor weighs 85 grams now, but in a smaller package.


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