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sábado, 9 de febrero de 2013

Acknowledgements, from Ercan C., Turkey - Nota de agradecimiento, de Ercan C., Turquía

Turkey - February 8, 2013

Hi Juan,

After my order it takes 15 days for production and only 5 days for delivery to Turkey so its quite great score for this beautiful handle.
I'm adding few pictures of Goliath with R41-2010 open comb head. I just tired the Goliath with this one and EJ head.

Firstly I have to say that Goliath weight improved my shaving quality. The Grip and knurling is very great and smooth so  nicely prevent slippery once I'm shaving.

Very hard to believe it's made by hand. It is really master piece so congrats Rafael, you can't find any faulty with this one and I'm sure every wet shaver like it so much. All details arranged very carefully.

It is the most comfortable handle that I used to shave until today. Its 85mm long, 15mm diameter, and 103 gr so very nicely manuverable in my hand. I'm really curious to know how it will work with other heads soon I will share them as well.

Finally I'm really advice this handle to all wet shaver. Everyone should have some and I'm sure will love them so much.

Thanks so much for all to you and to Rafael as well.

Greatings from Turkey.


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