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domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

Disponible rosca para Fatip -
Available Fatip thread

Hola amigos.

Me complace anunciar que desde ahora está disponible como opción para todos mis mangos la rosca especial para cabezales Fatip. Esta es una medida no estándar de rosca.

Debéis saber que un mango roscado de esta manera sólo podrá ser utilizado en cabezales Fatip y no se podrá utilizar en otros cabezales que utilizan la rosca estándar M5x0,8 u otros Gillette vintage. Pero el ajuste en Fatip será perfecto, con la tolerancia adecuada, no en exceso, y asegurará la larga vida de la rosca del cabezal.

English text 
Hello friends.

I am pleased to announce that it is now available as an option for all my handles the special thread for Fatip razor heads. This is a non standard thread.

You must know that a handle theaded this way only will fit Fatip heads and it can not be used on other heads that use standard thread M5x0.8 or other vintage Gillette razor heads. But Fatip adjustment will be perfect, with appropriate tolerance, not to excess, and it will ensure the long life of the razor thread.


UFO KAISER TRICOLOR Review from James S., Tennessee, USA -
UFO KAISER TRICOLOR Revisión de James S., Tennessee, USA.

Tennessee, USA - March 30, 2013

Rafael has truly created a one-of-a-kind treat for me. This project started awhile back, but I was always treated with friendly, and respectful updates on the progress of my custom handle.

The handle is unique in that Rafael found a way to create the piece as I wanted- there are 3 knobs (+ a bonus knob). The configurations possible are no knobs, 1 - 2 - or all 3 at once!
Everytime I hold the handle, I am reminded how versatile and beautiful this art-piece is for me.

The handle knurling is spot on, and the threading works well for my FaTip Grande head, my EJ head, my Merkur 1904 OC head, my iKON S3S head, my Weber ARC head, and my modified-post-size Cadet OC head.

The functionality of the knobs makes balancing the handle to my different shaving tastes very easy. The knurling is tasteful and grips well, but doesn't feel like a prickly-brass-bristle brush against the fingers, and it is easy on towels when wiping the handle dry!

To top it all, the handle is beautiful to behold!
Enjoy the pics!

Blessings and Thank You Rafael!
Your Friend,

James S., Tennessee, USA - March 30, 2013

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Acknowledgements, from Antoon H.K., Rotterdam, The Netherlands -
Nota de agradecimiento, de Antoon H.K., Rotterdam, Holanda

Rotterdam, The Netherlands. - March 19, 2013

Hello Juan,

This morning about 12.00 h. I received  the Goliath handle. Very fast in 5 days.
A real beautifull piece of art made by Rafael, he is a real artist.

I attached it to a EJ 89 razorhead, it looks gorgeous. Tomorrow morning I am going to use it for the first time. I think it performs as it looks.

Give my complements to Rafael for his artisans work, I am very happy with it. And you for your coöperation, it was nice to work with you

Best regards,

Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


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domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013

UFO GOLIATH XL Review from Claus H.S., Copenhagen, Denmark -
UFO GOLIATH XL Revisión de Claus H.S., Copenague, Dinamarca.

Copenhagen, Denmark - March 15, 2013

Hola Amigos, Rafael & Juan :-)

I would like to spend 15 minutes of my time to post a review of the 3 custom made Goliath XL handles I received 4 days ago.

I have now shaved with each one, and have admired the craftsman work done by the Master Rafael. These handles are truly without exaggerating WORKS OF ART !

You can feel and see it, the handles are works of art. I have not seen anything like this in my life and I read all the major shaving forums in the world. UFO handles simply are spectacular and stunning pieces - and you feel the dedication and heart behind the handles.

So how do they shave ?

They perform fantastic, provided you install the PROPER DE head in them, the handles will gift you with a splendid, close & smooth shave.

I bought 3 custom made Goliath handles. One in stainless steel, one in brass and one in red bronze. Custom length was 95 mm.

I installed a matte Ikon OSS head in the Goliath Red Broze. This head is a very mild head, and the 139 gram heavy handle gave me that extra aggression needed to provide for a close, excellent and smooth shave.

I installed a matte black Goodfella Open Comb in the Goliath Brass. This head is very mid for being an Open Comb head. The heft of the Goliath Brass handle made sure the Goodfella head performed to its max potential. I got a great shave.

I installed a Mühle R41 very aggressive head in the Goliath Stainless Steel handle. The shave as expected - very aggressive, yet quite smooth and only got one small nick on the chin. I felt the Goliath handle really controlled the power of the R41 head very well, and I got a fantastic 2 pass close shave as a result.

I have now ordered 3 new custom handles from Juan & Rafael - 95 mm Kaisers in Red Bronze, Golden brass and 316 SS. The UFO Goliath handles impressed me that much !

I will quote Teiste, admin on The ShaveNook - "The UFO handles are the best razor handles ever made". 10/10 rating from me.

Here are some photos I took:

Claus H.S., Copenhagen, Denmark - March 15, 2013

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