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sábado, 18 de mayo de 2013

Acknowledgements, from Artie K., New Jersey, USA -
Nota de agradecimiento, de Artie K., New Jersey, EE.UU.

New Jersey, USA - May 13, 2013

Raphael and Juan,

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful  handles I received recently. I also wanted to wait a while before I left my comments so that I could use them and be able to comment on how they shaved when matched with various razor heads and blades. All I can say is, Wow!

The extra heft and feel matched well with several of the razor heads I have and the blades I use never felt better. The extra dimension of matching these handles with various razor heads and  blades is a level of fine tuning my shave that adds significantly to my wet shave experience and is why I enjoy this pursuit of pleasure.

Thank you again and I look forward to getting the Collibri when it is available.

New Jersey, USA

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Acknowledgements, from Clay O., Alabama, USA -
Nota de agradecimiento, de Clay O., Alabama, EE.UU.

Alabama, USA - May 13, 2013

Rafael made an amazing effort for me.  With only a few weeks until my wedding he was able to make and ship nine beautiful and unique handles to me for groomsmen gifts.  The handles range in style and material are are truly a sight to behold.  I chose the GOLIATH XL in aluminum bronze for myself, and although new to wet shaving, have had great results with an Edwin Jagger DS head.

Each piece is so amazing that it was very difficult to choose one for myself (I will definitely be ordering more).  I can certainly see how Rafael has difficulty letting go of these master pieces after all the love he puts into each one.  The aristocratic curling is  fantastic, but I really also like the TORNADO with the barber pole design - it's extremely classy.

Dealing with Juan and Rafael was an unforgettable experience as well.  The customer service they provide is unlike any you will experience elsewhere.  In today's world of frustrating encounters - this was a breath of fresh air.  I commend UFO on a job well done and recommend them with the highest marks to anyone who wants to use a work of art as their razor handle at an unbeatable value.

This will help make my wedding even more special and I know my groomsmen will enjoy this gift for years to come.

Clay O.
Alabama, USA

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Acknowledgements, from Alex W., Bristol, United Kingdom -
Nota de agradecimiento, de Alex W., Bristol, Reino Unido

Bristol, United Kingdom - April 24, 2013

Just got this one today!

Wow! I was expecting a high quality offering from you guys but this handle is insanely good. I had very high expectations but this handle is far beyond even those. I see people mention shaving stuff being a work of art all the time but this handle is TRULY a work of art. The detail and skill that have gone in to this handle is unlike anything I've seen before.

Many thanks to you both for your time, passion and incredible skill.
All the best

Alex W.
Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol, United Kingdom - April 27, 2013

Thank you Rafael

This handle has already bound its self with my soul!. I've only got one razor and I doubt I will buy any more handles. I'd happily just use this stunning piece for the rest of my life. Its that good! I will of course be recommending you to everyone interested in wet shaving. I see a lot of hand crafted products in a load of different areas and have a very critical eye. As someone who is a perfectionist to the point of obsession I can recognise the decent work from the utterly stunning and your work is most certainly utterly stunning. I can see you've gone far beyond what others would deem superb, to the dizzy heights of master craftsman through passion and attention to detail. I personally think you could charge more for your handles as the skill involved isnt reflected in the price at the moment in my opinion.

Hugs to you too!

Alex W.
Bristol, United Kingdom

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