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lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

Custom UFO Common Bar, Acknowledgements, from Steven, East London, UK -
Custom UFO Common Bar, Nota de agradecimiento, de Steven, Londres Este, Reino Unido

East London, UK - July 20, 2013

Dear Rafael and Juan,

Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful handles. Photos are enclosed and I just wish I was a good enough photographer to do them justice.

Just to recap I wrote to ask if you could craft a handle that was reminiscent of the classic Gillette Common Bar handle. I love the looks of that handle, which I have on my Gillette "New" but find it too light and felt a heavier handle would improve the shave. That said I wanted a handle reminiscent of the common bar in looks as I felt it suited the new head. I was very pleased to learn that Rafael was interested in taking up the challenge of producing a modern steel take on the original gillette handle

Rafael, a busy man always then spent much time and effort working in producing a tribute to a common bar producing three prototypes. The first was scrapped and I was asked to pick between the second and third. I asked for the third and then asked if I could take the second too as the handles were just stunning. The knurling is beyond comparison; grippy enough to do the job but shallow enough to look very classy indeed.

I have used prototype three and it proved my theory to be totally correct. It elevated that shave I get from my long comb head to new heights.  I have not yet used prototype 2 but imagine I will get similar results. I am considering pairing that with a tech head but first I will try it with an Edwin Jagger head.

Photos are attached as I said earlier. Proto 3 has the new head and proto 2 has the EJ head.

I would just like to thank Rafael for his craftsmanship, Juan for his helpfulness and both of them for being such gentlemen.

Best wishes,
Steven, East London, UK

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