NO available handles. Next sale will be announced when available.

Handles will be shipped only to the paypal address. Please be sure it is correct. Do not ask to change it. No way.

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27 comentarios:

  1. Coño!!!!!!

    que ilusion, el primer comentario del blog,

    pues Rafa, te deseo la mejor de las suertes
    en este nuevo proyecto.

    un fuerte abrazo.

  2. Pos para mí va a ser el segundo saludo.
    Como tengo la cabeza perdida, no sabía que te habías lanzado a esta aventura. Desde Málaga, te deseo la mejor de las suertes, compañero. Ojalá que pronto veamos la burbuja de los ufo-mangos y yo pueda contar que soy el afortunado poseedor de un UFO U1 de primerísima factura.
    Un abrazo y mucha suerte.
    Marcello JPS

  3. Rafa eres un artista como los de antes que tienen gusto por lo que hace y eso se nota en tus trabajos , desde Valencia tienes un fan de tus mangos , muchas gracias por tus trabajos.

    Un saludo waxo.

  4. He tenido ocasión de comprobar la excelente calidad de tu trabajo y, además, antes de ver un concierto de Jethro Tull... ¿que más se puede pedir?
    Un abrazo y suerte.

  5. Disfruto de uno de tus trabajos, el Ufo2, solo puedo decir que es extraordinario.
    Muchas felicidades por esta iniciativa que estoy seguro veremos crecer.
    Un saludo cuzar

  6. Quisiera felicitar a Rafa por su magnifico mango qué hizo para mi.

    Custom Kaiser corto pulido a espejo dio una nueva vida a mi maquinilla de afeitar, una autentica obra de artista !!

    Gracias a todo su equipo por su simpatia y su velocidad.

    Saludos de Belgica.


  7. Rafael's work is second to none! I have acquired many handles over the years and NONE even come close to Rafael's work. These handles are truly pieces of art and they are an absolute pleasure to both look at as well as use every single day. The knurling is absolutely beautiful and the mirror like shine is a true reflection in how much Rafael cares and is passionate about his work.

    Juan's communication, advise, and help throughout the entire process is exemplary as well. Juan and Rafael make a great team and are a true pleasure to work with. I look forward to my next order with them!!


  8. Thank you Rafael for your great job and Juan for your communication.

    I have many handles but my UFOs are the most beautiful. It's a pleasure for me to choose one of them each morning and we can feel that there is a part of rafael in each handle.

    Now, my razors are completely different (weight, balance) for great shaves. These handles are adapted to my hand, with a nice knurling or mirror like shine.

    I'm really sure that I will order a new handle!

    Stéphane From France

  9. Dave, from California, USA31 de octubre de 2012, 22:03

    Thank you so much to Rafael and Juan. It is truly a unique experience that every wet shaver should experience. From the ordering process with Juan to taking ownership of the handle from Rafael, it has exceeded all of my high expectations. It's easy to see the quality and care that have gone into these handles. In my opinion they are priceless and I look forward to having this work of art in my family for generations to come. Thank you again! -Dave from California

  10. En esta época donde prima la rapidez y lo barato encontrar un producto elaborado con tiempo, calidad y amor por lo bien hecho, sorprende y se agradece.

  11. Tony,from Kent England 13/03/2013

    Thanks to Rafael a true craftsman who can create a work of art from a piece of metal my Godzilla handle is not only a truly beautiful thing to look at but it is perfectly wheighted to provide a perfect shave,the knurling looks fantastic as well as helping to prevent slipping from your grasp, communication with Juan was exeptional he kept me informed throughout the production, also when the postman arrived with my package the little case that held the handle is a nice touch and of course once opened and you look and touch that piece of art you cannot help but smile and think right i need another!!

  12. Thank you for excellent product and customer care; from the first communication to receiving and using the excellent and beautiful handle I'm very happy to say that my high expectations were well satisfied!

  13. A big thank you to Rafael for the superb craftsmanship and attention to detail, my Kaiser handle is truly flawless and as well as being beautiful to look at it is perfectly functional and adds a sense of elegance to any razor head it graces.
    Another big thank you goes to Juan who has been helpful and courteous throughout the process.

  14. A huge thanks to Rafael for his truly astonishing piece of work. This handle has a soul !!!! A huge thanks to Juan as well, for being tolerant with me and helping with the order process. God bless you both.

    Kostas from Greece.

  15. I want to thank Rafael for his outstanding craftsmanship. His handles are a work of art and it was a pleasure to deal with him. Thank you so much, Rafael.


  16. The Goliath handle arrived and it is a work of art! Great communications. Thank you Rafael and Juan!

    Bill Osborne Raleigh, NC USA

  17. The handles are beautiful just by themselves. I used a Weber head and the shave was the best ever. The handle balance, feel, weight is perfect. Thank you.
    JG, Springfield, PA, USA

  18. Sono arrivato qui tramite: " "
    Tutta la produzione è molto bella.
    Forse, sarebbe meglio esporre delle piccole foto con accanto la descrizione, per poi potere cliccarci sopra per vedere la scheda del modello.
    Appena avrò compreso le caratteristiche dei vari tipi di rasoio, ne cerco un modello a "3 pezzi" con una buona impugnatura, ne ordinerò uno.
    Scrivo dall'Italia. Grazie. zena-2013

  19. I just received this wonderful razor handle that say ... it is a beauty both in terms that hit, it is an extra smooth, like well in hand when shaving, it has an ideal weight and fully agree to all my shaving heads.
    It is a work of craftsmanship that we did Rafael, bravo \ o /

    Rafael thank you;)


  20. Could someone please tell me the email address in which you place orders thank you.

    1. Currently not taking orders, friend. When we will be taking orders again, email will be published again. No date to do that. Please stay tuned. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  21. The titan fine handle is a really masterpiece. Great job! Thank you!

  22. First I have to thank Juan for his excellent communication and absolutely a gentleman! Thank you very much Juan.
    Rafael's work, what can I say?! Just pure work of Art! Everything is made to perfection. I don't think it's an exaggeration when I say UFO handles are without doubt the BEST razor handles ever made. I highly doubt any handles made in the future will reach this point of quality and perfection. I believe every wetshaver is ought to own at least one of these handles. A shave den is not complete without one of these magnificent pieces of art. Rafael, thank you very much for providing us with your beautiful handles. I would like to tell you personally that I appreciate your work and ask you to never stop making these handles. Aware of all the difficulties you go through to make your pieces but you work is unmatched. Myself and many others appreciate your work and will always support you! Best of luck, you are true artist.

  23. What can I say about these wonderful UFO handles? Since I have held my Kaiser and Goliath handles and felt the metal warm to my touch I can state unequivocably that Rafael’s handles are the most artistically complete and detailed works of metallic art that I have ever laid eyes on! I have used them with four or five razor heads (both vintage and new) and the balance of these handles is intuitive! Rafael you are a truly a great artist and the love you put into your creations is self-evident. You have my grateful appreciation for the privilege of being the custodian of these two beautiful handles. My thanks also to Juan for his role as the facilitative assistant to Rafael's genius.

    Thanks again,


  24. Un enorme agradecimiento a Rafael para su verdaderamente sorprendente pieza de trabajo. Este mango tiene un alma !!!! Un enorme agradecimiento a Juan, así, para ser tolerante conmigo y ayudar con el proceso de pedido. Dios bendiga a los dos.

  25. Ciao, come posso acquistare un manico da rasoio UFO? Grazie

    1. When available, will be announced. Thanks for your message.